Google launches group planning feature on Google Maps


Search engine giant Google announced the revamped version of its Maps which allowed a stronger emphasis on the discovery. Some of the features that were announced by the company back then have already been launched. It includes many of the promised discovery and exploration tools . One of the feature that was so far missing on Google Maps was the group planning.

However, the users will not have to wait any longer to collaboratively plan a trip with their friends in Google Maps. The search engine have launched these collaborative tools on September 26, 2018. Google here is trying to solve a basic problem that many of the users face. Many times a group of more than two people fail to decide on where to go for dinner or any other outing. Usually it takes too many text messages to have everyone to agree on a common destination.

Here under the new feature, Maps will allow the users to create a list of place on Google Maps and share them with your friends. Then with the help of democracy, your friends can vote on the best place on where to go. The group members will also have the option of removing the places from the shortlist and add other ones that they would prefer. This might sound a little tough democracy but that is what all about the new feature of Maps.

Once the list is created, it can be shared just like any other link and the friends will be taken straight to Google Maps on mobile or the web to join the fun of planning. The Group Planning feature will be officially available for Android and iOS. Some of the reports say that the service started rolling out earlier. In any case, the users will have to update to the latest version of Google Maps to use the new feature.

Photo Credits: Engadget

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