Facebook launches Dating service in Canada and Thailand


Social networking giant Facebook is expanding its dating services Facebook Dating. The service was first launched two months back in Colombia for testing purpose and is now rolling out to Canada and Thailand. Facebook Dating will also have new features to coincide with the launch including the ability to re-view people that the users had passed on and take a break by putting the service on pause among other things.

Some of the above features might not be new as something similar was recently announced by the dating app Bumble. In September 2018, Bumble had launched the Snooze button for its own app that addresses the problem many online daters have faced. Sometimes the users needed some time to detox from the dating apps. This happens due to frustration or the user might just be busy. Other times it is due it is because they have paired up with someone and want to give them a chance.

The social networking giant has said that the users can still message people they have already matched while on pause. Moreover, the daters will get a chance to give someone a second look and this is something common among the dating apps but is presented in different ways. For instance, the online dating site OKCupid may resurface people who have been passed on and Tinder’s new Feed feature allows the users to keep a track of the updates from the matches that the users had earlier decided to ignore. The Second Look feature will be in the Settings of Facebook Dating and will show people in reverse chronological order.

The users will have the option to go back through the suggested matches and also review people that you might have accidentally passed on. Other dating apps charge for such features. Moreover, the users will also be able to review a blocked list and will have more interactive profile content.

Photo Credits: IEEE Spectrum

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