Google Assistant can predict flight cancellations

Google assistant

Google Assistant has surely proven to be a blessing for many of the tech savvy users. Now that the holiday time is here, the search engine giant is rolling out some new tools to keep your cross country flights stress free as far as possible. An announcement was made by the Mountain View company that proactive flight notifications will be done by the Google Assistant. Moreover, in Google Flights, detailed fare breakdowns, online flight booking search, search filters and other trip planning goodies will be introduced.

Richard Holden, the vice president of product management at Google in a blog post wrote, “Whether you’re coming off a holiday high or in need of relaxation after all the hustle and bustle, the beginning of the new year is a prime time to think about your next trip. With the holidays approaching, many of us will travel to see family or go on a vacation.” Some of the new features includes predictions on flight delays that Google had rolled out earlier in 2018.

Google had said that it was possible because of the combination of the historic flight status and sophisticated machine learning and it is 85 percent confident in terms of predictions on flights that will eventually be delayed before the airlines gives a confirmation on such delays. From this week, Google Assistant will show of a flight that a traveler has booked is expected to be delayed when you ask questions like. “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” The travelers can also check the status of other flights too while specifying the airline, origin and destination.

The question can be like, “Hey Google, what’s the status of the American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Denver?” Moreover, Google has said that in the next few weeks the Google Assistant will start sending notifications if Google Flights predicts a delay, with an explaination of what has caused the delay.

Photo Credits: Lifewire

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