Google Maps to enable new instant messaging feature


People who have smartphones have a number of options in terms of options for instant messaging. Many of us are infact overwhelmed by the fact that there are actually so many ways to communicate with each other. Now that the Instant messaging market is the new boom, Google Maps seems to be adding such capabilities to the app. Moreover, some of the users have already started discovering ‘Messages’ menu item on what appears to be one of the best features on Google Maps.

But wait, if you are thinking that you might now get a new way to chat with your friends by purging Maps on the phone, it does not seem like the new feature will allow to chat with friends. However, it has been designed to connect the users with businesses, which can actually prove to be useful. There are many people who have often found themselves frantically searching for opening times or were not able to call businesses directly to get information. In such circumstances, the new feature could be a blessing on the navigation app.

One of the Reddit user had posted screen shots of the new Messages Menu, but there are no images of the actual chat with businesses. But the new screen shots have indicated that the users can now indeed be able to contact a company by heading to its Google Page and clicking ‘Message’ option. To be reminded once again, the new feature will now allow the uses to contact friends, so they do not have to worry about being thrown with messages when you are trying to navigate somewhere.

This means that the businesses will need to enable the feature for you to be able to contact them in this way. Moreover, as with any of the Google Maps test only a few users will be able to use instant messaging before it is rolled out to a wider audience. So far there is no news on when the feature will be rolled out.

Photo Credits: eWeek

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