Google Maps to get Waze like feature soon

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Google maps is perhaps the most popular navigation app that is likes by the commuters. But the company has another app that is similar to Google Maps and might even be better for some people especially those who are frequent drivers. The App Waze was purchased by Google a few years back and does navigation a little frequently than Google Maps and other rivals.

Waze is packed with crowd-sourced incident reports and tells the drivers about the state of the road ahead. The app has the ability to notify about heavy traffic, accidents and police when you are driving to the destination. It can also suggest a better route based on the information. It has already been reported that Google is working on bringing the incident reports to Google Maps and One of the Waze’s best features might soon be a part of the Google Maps.

The navigation screen will also display speed limits similar to what the Waze app does along with other navigation apps and will also show speed traps. The users of Waze are already familiar with the speed trap reports so they will know what exactly you can expect from the new Google Maps feature. There are reports that the speed trap icons have already been spotted at the Google Maps along side the warnings. It can also identify the speed cameras and will be displayed on the screen and an audio notification will remind the drivers of their existence while they are on the road.

It is still not clear when the feature will be rolled out to all the Google users. For the time being the feature is only available in some of the locations in the US. While the Google Maps users wait for the feature, they can also adopt the Waze app from the App store or Google Play. The navigation software was first launched in 2006.

Photo Credits: Knowtechie

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