Google Maps to allow users set arrival and departure time

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most powerful as well as the most popular navigation apps. In recent times, the navigation tool is just getting better everyday. A new feature is all set to be rolled out for the users on Android which will assist on improved trip planning. The feature will be rolled out for all the Android users, and will allow the Maps users to set departure as well as arrival times.

The feature works with just the car navigation but enables it to see in advance what time the users will arrive and will be based on when you leave or when you need to leave to arrive at a specific time. The function was available on the web for quite some time and works on all kinds of navigation but on Android it is just for driving in a car. In order to access the feature the users have to plug in any address to navigate to and access the overflow menu. The users can then set the depart and arrive time.

The function is pretty useful for ensuring that they know exactly when to leave for an event. But Google has still not added a reminder/notification option for that yet. The Google Maps 10.8.0 is available through Google Play and has added the new functionality. In recent times Google Maps has had two of the other important features like the Speed limits and Speed trap cameras while driving and the trip planning feature has become the latest one to make it more interesting for the navigators.

The users can also pick up any date and time to get an estimation for how long the journey is going to take and when they are going to arrive. The users will have to set the departure or when they have to leave if they set the arrival.

Photo Credits: How To Geek

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