Google Maps is celebrating its 15th anniversary

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Google Maps is surely a blessing for travelers and commuters these days. There was a time when there were no such services and travelers had to actually look in to the physical maps to travel from point A to point B. Thankfully Google Maps has been able to convert that in to past and has gifted the users with an amazing tool that helps you to navigate very easily. Google Maps is now celebrating its 15th anniversary and is celebrating the occasion by releasing a number of new features as a treat for the users.

Starting from February 11, 2020, the users will be able to see updated Google Maps for iOS and Android that will allow the users to have everything that they need on their fingertips. Maps will now provide five easy-to-access tabs namely: Saved, Commute, Contribute and Update. The information about the new features was informed in a blogpost. In the Explore tab, the search engine has explained that it will help the users to find new places to eat or be entertained. They will also be able to see the ratings and reviews of the eateries from 200 million places across the globe.

Under the Commute Tab, the users will be able to find the fastest and easiest route to the places they want to travel. There will also be an option to set up a daily commute and will help them to get everyday traffic updates, suggestions of alternative routes and travel times. Under the Saved tab, the users will be able to find more than 6.5 billion places on Google Maps and will be easier to visit the old and new places again and again.

Under the Contribute tab, the users can also help to contribute information that will help Google Maps be up to date by filing any missing information for businesses. Under the Updates tab, the users will be able to see what is trending and where they need to go.

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